Top tips to consider in the final weeks before your wedding!

Any bride and groom is bound to have so many things running through her head before the big day, but try not to over stress! Everyone is in the same position and we know how nerve-wracking it can be. Below are a few suggestions on how to approach the week before, and the morning of your wedding, to give you a few tips and tricks to help you feel more prepared, relaxed, and most importantly excited.

The week before:

  1. Write a list of things to remember to bring back after your wedding! It’s surprising how many people leave precious keepsakes behind, or handcrafted decorations that you want to keep, write a reminder so you or your friends don’t forget!
  2. As well as having a professional photographer, organise digital or disposable cameras for guest photos for extra’s
  3. Give a detailed hand over to the party organiser earlier than expected, whether this be a wedding planner, family member or friend. Although this sounds corporate, giving a detailed document with thoughts on how you want the day to go is important. 
  4. Research photography styles and communicate with your photographer, they want to match your photos to your preferences, so researching shots or poses you like are important to help you tailor your photos to your desires. Try Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration!
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, your family and friends want to help and if things go wrong the week before or you have a lot of last minute tasks, delegate roles to ensure you don’t over-stress. Remember, you are not superwoman.
  6. Time your make-up and hair trials, and give yourself time for these to be completed, and don’t forget to prepare yourself before-hand. The day before, confirm with your hair and make-up artists on the bridal party schedule to prevent any confusion.
  7. The night before, lay out your dress and accessories. This allows your photographer to capture the details without disturbing you during your morning prep, and keeps everything together for after your hair and make-up is complete
  8. Get a good nights rest is essential, try not to toss and turn all night with last minute stress, sleep deprivation probably isn’t the best idea for your wedding day! 

On the morning of your wedding: 

  1. Take time for yourself – we know it’s a busy and stressful time planning a wedding, so make sure to take some time and collect your thoughts with an uninterrupted couple of minutes before the big day begins. Perhaps practice mindfulness, meditation or yoga if you begin to feel anxious.
  2. Give yourself enough time before your transport arrives, it sounds simple but you don’t want to have a last minute rush and panic!
  3. Don’t forget to eat! Try not to let nerves leave you with no appetite, even if you don’t eat a lot, try and stay hydrated and eat prior to your wedding and throughout the day.
  4. Remind your maid of honour to help you with your train and pull it out for display to prevent walking up the aisle with a messy train!
  5. Assign someone you trust with your keys
  6. Treat yourself to pretty bridal pyjamas to feel fabulous and prepare yourself for your photographs
  7. After everything is confirmed the day before, prepare yourself for no more planning… pop the bubbly and get the celebrations started! 

The weeks following your special day may be spent on your honeymoon, relaxing, exploring, or perhaps you have gone straight back into work? Whether you spend your time away from reality or back into your normal routine, remember to publicly thank your vendors! A thank you testimonial to share with others really makes a difference to their business, and acts as a perfect thank you gift!

We hope you find these tips and tricks a little helpful, and can help you to feel more organised before the big day approaches!