Money-Saving Tips for your Wedding

Your wedding may just be one of your most expensive investments, but not everyone wants to splash the cash, or has the money to! There are some key tips we’ve put together to help you save some pennies (in fact a lot of pounds!) so you can still afford your dream wedding without the large price tag!

There are so many wedding planning apps and websites out there, and we recommend you try wedding budget tools. This is a great way to track what you are spending and can suggest where you can save some money along the way. If you’re controlling your budget yourself, be sure to set an absolute maximum cost, list all the expenses you know and make educated estimates for other costs. Having a buffer is always a good idea for any last minute costs, and as soon as your reach your target budget, re-evaluate your priorities and list the essentials.

Roughly 46% newly weds opt for a weekday wedding, mainly due to the massive cost savings through avoiding a Saturday wedding! You can save almost £1700 this way, showing a huge reduction from wedding suppliers, (and a long weekend before returning to work tops it off of course).

Almost half of weddings are Summer weddings, but this also comes with a higher price tag. Winter weddings aren’t for everyone, but they can definitely save you some money! If you indulge in a cosy winter wedding you can find yourself saving roughly £1600, and even have the benefit of venues adding extra Christmas deco for an extra festive and beautiful day.

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This probably won’t come as a shock, but avoid London… this can cost you roughly £7,000 more! (This explains why only 4/10 couples in London actually get married there!). Also, don’t go for the most obvious venue, as choosing an outside-the-box venue can save you loads! It’s all about searching for as many venues as possible to suit your taste and your bank balance!

Choosing an all in one venue can really minimise your costs, from food and drink in-house rather than external catering, it makes you’re life a lot easier, and your day a lot cheaper! Also, depending on how much you aim to spend on food, but sit down and consider who is crucial to your wedding. By reducing your guest list by an entire table (say, 4 couples?), you can expect to save a lot on food, drink and table decorations. Saying that, there’s nothing from stopping you to invite more of your guests as an evening guest only, that will certainly save you some cash!

You can eliminate thousands of pounds through opting for self-paid drinks, seems like common sense right? But many newly wed’s will often have a paid bar and that is definitely going to increase your budget!

When it comes to bridesmaids, keep them to a minimum to reduce costs, and if you’re really cutting the costs you can save a lot through bridesmaids paying for their own dresses (these averaging at £87 each!). Alternatively, have a budget in mind if you are purchasing their bridesmaid dresses before deciding on them!

By deciding on a colour scheme you are able to lower your floral budget by relying on seasonal and local flowers that complement it. Perhaps supply your own vases, use colourful natives for attention with fewer flowers? These can all help to narrow down the smaller costs on your big day, as do personal added touches from mason jars, handmade place cards, pictures for your tables etc…

Another way to reduce your costs is through using personal contacts, perhaps someone you know with bartending experience, a passion for DIY and decoration, or transportation. Also, don’t forget to build up relationships with local businesses, although this may help you out it also keeps business within your community.

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These are just a few little tips and tricks to get you started when considering saving costs, we could go on and on… Make sure you check out our other blog posts and leave us your cost saving suggestions below!