Chris & Kerry’s Wedding – 23rd December 2017

Our last wedding of 2017 was two days before Christmas, and after a pretty miserable December it was a pleasant surprise to wake up and see a sky painted azure blue.

Upon arrival at Kerry’s house Annie and I were greeted by her fanatic little spaniel, who was more than happy to receive constant attention from Kerry’s family and her bridesmaids. After saying hello I left Kerry with Annie and headed to meet Chris down the road in a quaint cottage he had rented for the night. The atmosphere here was a tad more relaxed to say the least! Chris had popped a bottle of prosecco before I arrived that he, his brother (best man) and his sister-in-law had gradually been getting though as they got ready.

Soon after, the wedding cars arrived and I followed Chris to Rufford Mill, whilst Annie caught a ride with the bridesmaids in their vintage car. The ceremony room had been elegantly decorated by the staff at Rufford, the red carpet had been laid and within an hour Kerry was walking down it, her father by her side and her future husband waiting eagerly in her path. The two recited their original vows to one another and as tears fell from both sides of the hall the couple kissed, cementing their promises to another and marking their first moment as husband and wife together.