A Few Words About My Style

As a photographer, I have encountered many different genres of wedding photography and I have since attempted to categorise myself into a host of these with little to no avail. I find it difficult to summarise myself in terms of reportage, documentary or fly-on-the-wall styles of photography.

I have since found that with weddings, there are two areas that contribute to an overall style. Firstly, the ways in which the photographer handles the wedding and, secondly, how said photographer handles the images captured through the editing process. A fly-on-the-wall photographer for example may stay out of the way for the entirety of the wedding, documenting the wedding from the side of a room, avoiding contact with guests. However, this does not dictate his or her editing style which could be bright, cheery and highly  saturated or be it black and white and grainy.

Personally, I like to adapt, I’ve realised over the years that different scenarios require a unique approach. Speeches for example often require a fly-on-the-wall approach so that you are able to capture every reaction without being noticed. Yet, throughout the day I’ve found that mingling amongst guests and being a part of the celebration itself produces the most personal and unique photographs.

To summarise my own preferred style then in categorical terms would be reportage, artistic and candid. A mixture that adapts and evolves dependent on the wedding. I love photographs that lay emphasis on the emotion of the day, alongside capturing those lone moments a couple has on their own during the splendid chaos of their wedding day.

What I always say to couples is if there’s any photographs that you really like, no matter how outrageous or crazy they are, let me know and we can create something similar to your taste! I hope this offers a brief insight into how I work, take a look through my photographs and see what you think. And don’t forget to get in touch if you have any queries